Friday, October 30, 2009

Planned Parenthood and FAIR WI Working Together

***FAIR WI ACTION ALERT*** (The Primary Organization that Worked to Defeat the Marriage Amendment)
The Wisconsin State Assembly is poised to vote on the Healthy Youth Act next Tuesday, and they need to hear from you.
This groundbreaking bill requires schools that teach sex education to do so in a responsible, comprehensive manner that includes information about sexuality, abstinence and birth control to prevent teen pregnancies, and STDs including HIV/AIDS.

This piece of legislation not only requires that class materials are not biased towards sexual orientation, but also will ensure that LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] youth receive sexuality education that is medically accurate and includes information about reducing risk behaviors.

Fair Wisconsin believes that it is only through comprehensive and medically accurate sex education that our youth will learn the lessons necessary to reduce their risk, stay healthy and build a safe learning environment and community.

That’s why Fair Wisconsin has joined Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin and the Health Youth Coalition to educate our legislators about the need for this critical legislation and its impact on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

But we can’t pass this legislation with out you. Contact your Representative and urge them to pass the Healthy Youth Act TODAY!

Thanks for all you do,

Katie Belanger
Executive Director


1. Take Action - Contact your State Senator and State Representative tell them to OPPOSE SB324 and AB458. Then contact Gov. Doyle and tell him to oppose both bills or 608-266-1212

BOTH Republicans and Democrats need you to contact them!

The Assembly will be voting on AB458 on Tuesday, November 3, 2009. The Senate Committee on Education will vote on SB324 soon! Be honest, do not be afraid to speak the truth and speak from your heart. Ask what your representative's position is on the bill. Depending on how you feel led, do not hesitate to ask to meet with your state legislators on this issue to share your views face-to-face or ask that they personally return your call. Remember, they are elected to represent you in the Legislature. If you are uncomfortable doing this alone, gather your friends and ask your legislator and senator to meet with all of you together.


The Un-Healthy Youth Act (AB458/SB324) –MUST BE STOPPED IN ITS TRACKS.

1.If a school district decides to teach human growth and development, right now Wisconsin law requires teaching the benefits of marriage. The Un-Healthy Youth Act deletes this requirement under Section 118.019(2m) from Wisconsin law.

2. Currently, school districts can teach abstinence-centered instruction. The Un-Healthy Youth Act will not let school districts teach abstinence without teaching condom and contraceptive use. (page 4, lines 14 to page 5 line 24)

3. Current law does not require homosexuality instruction. The Un-Healthy Youth Act requires instruction to not have a bias regarding sexual orientation/homosexuality or having sex before marriage. Therefore, any instruction that says homosexuality or sex before marriage is considered morally wrong would not be allowed under The Un-Healthy Youth Act. (page 5, lines 17-19)

4. Current law would prohibit a Planned Parenthood nurse from participating in the state’s Volunteer Health Provider Program. The Un-Healthy Youth Act would allow someone from Planned Parenthood to participate in the program. By becoming a participant of this program, the Planned Parenthood provider becomes an agent of the state. Therefore, if a parent would sue a Planned Parenthood school nurse for any morally objectionable "service or education", taxpayer’s dollars would be spent to defend the Planned Parenthood nurse. (page 7, lines 4 and 5)

Current Wisconsin Law 118.019 – Human Growth and Development

Catholics - Boycott the CCHD

Reform the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Powerful Research on the CCHD - It Funds the Radical Left and Community Organizers

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HPV Vaccine Battle

Merck Researcher Admits: Gardasil Guards Against Almost Nothing

Women in Government are pushing nationally for the HPV vaccine mandate
The company had been funneling money through an advocacy group, Women in Government.

WIG - Upcoming Summit

Internet Czar Susan Crawford will RESIGN!!!

Phil Kerpen Podcast

Washington Post: Obama tech adviser Susan Crawford plans departure
Crawford, known as a proponent of controversial net neutrality rules, has been on temporary leave from the university to serve in the White House. That sabbatical, which began two months after she received tenure at the University of Michigan, will end in January.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Pro-Family Advocates are Needed Thursday to Attend Public Hearing on the Senate Version of the Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Bill - Senate Bill 324.

Senate Education Committee - Public Hearing Notice
Thursday, October 29, 2009 9:30 AM, 201 Southeast - State Capitol
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Bill -
Senate Bill 324 (Companion Bill to Assembly Bill 458) Senate Education Committee Members Contact Information - (4 NO Votes needed to stop this Anti-Family Bill)

Tomorrow (10-27-09), the Assembly Education Committee will be VOTING on Assembly Bill 458. 7 NO Votes are needed to stop this Anti-Family Bill in Committee
Assembly Education Committee Members Contact Information
Assembly Bill 458 - actual text

Memos from Pro-Family Organizations:
1) Pro-Life Wisconsin
2) Wisconsin Family Action
3) Wisconsin Right to Life

Key Concerns With Planned Parenthood’s School-Based Sex Ed Bill:

Background Concerns:

1) Planned Parenthood, again the state’s largest abortion provider is fully supporting Assembly Bill 458 that would apply to Kindergarten to 12th Grade.
Planned Parenthood’s 2009 Legislative Agenda

2) The two main authors of the bill, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) and Representative Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) were endorsed by Planned Parenthood. (If you will recall from the 2007-08 Session, these were the same two legislators who tried to mandate the controversy-ridden HPV(e.g. Gardasil) vaccine for all of Wisconsin’s little 6th grade girls in public and private schools. Fortunately, a group of mothers and grandmothers was able to inject common sense into the State Capitol and stop that offensive bill last Session.)

3) The more sexually active youth there are in this state, means increased revenue for groups like Planned Parenthood. Last year, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received $12.1 MILLION of our state and federal tax dollars from such programs as Title V, Title X, BadgerCare and the Family Planning Waiver.

4) Wis. Statute 948.02(2) states that it is a Class C Felony for anyone to have sexual contact or engage in sexual intercourse with a person less than 16 years of age. The penalty for this offense is “
a fine of up to $100,000 or imprisonment up to 40 years or both.”

5) Teens can be placed on
Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry.

6) 17 year olds are charged as adults for most crimes in Wisconsin.

Specific Parents’ Rights Concerns

1) Eliminates Abstinence-Centered instruction in Wisconsin and replaces it with Planned Parenthood-style Sex Ed.

2) (Page 4 – Lines 2-12) - Allowing Planned Parenthood to define key terms such as “Medically Accurate Information” and “Age Appropriate” in our state statutes is a very
dangerous practice – for teens, parents, and taxpayers.

3) (Page 4 – Lines 14-15) – applies to grades Kindergarten to 12. After reviewing Planned Parenthood’s
offensive website for teens, imagine what type of instruction Planned Parenthood would design for 5 year olds.

4) (Page 5 – line 18) - will promote homosexuality to captive teen audiences.

5) (Page 5 – Line 19) - will place a stamp of approval on teen promiscuity and place abstinence supporters holding Christian values in a less than favorable position in the classroom.

6) (Page 3, Lines 2-5) – mandates the state to apply for federal tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood-style teen pregnancy programs. Is this the prelude to
establishing taxpayer-funded sex clinics in Wisconsin ’s schools?

7) (Page 5 – Lines 23-24) – will force the promotion of counseling by various entities – some of which may not be family friendly. What is Planned Parenthood’s definition of “violent relationship?” Are parents creating a “violent relationship” by not allowing their 15 year old daughter to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic? Would you trust your family’s safety to our politically correct legal and social services system?

8) (Page 4, Line 11) – recognizes the American Medical Association “as a leading professional organization.” A large segment of the public does not realize that only 20% of all medical doctors in the entire US maintain membership in the American Medical Association. Embracing extreme liberal views as the AMA has in the last decade likely explains the lack of full support by members of the medical community.
American Medical Association overhauls its image in new marketing effort.
AMA: Membership Bounces Back Slightly

9) (Page 4, Lines 2-12) - usurps local control. Parents and locally-elected school board members know how best to serve the needs of their community without Planned Parenthood’s influence.

10) (Page 7, Lines 2-4) - also puts sex health volunteers under the volunteer health provider category in the state statutes, which exempts them from liability. This means that Planned Parenthood’s classroom marketing personnel would be entitled to receive legal coverage from a taxpayer-funded lawyer should any teens be harmed and parents file a lawsuit. Imagine tax dollars paying Planned Parenthood's legal bills.