Monday, December 6, 2010

NARAL Washington Auctions an Abortion

This is beyond sick and twisted.

"Safe, Legal and Rare" fanny!

MUST READ! - This is Who/What We Are Up Against!!!

Wisconsin's Alinsky Wannabe

FEDS Fine NJ for NOT Taking Train Money

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Democrats Give One More Big Favor to George Soros

While Congressional Democrats dawdle away on deciding our tax rates and refuse to pass a budget, they still find time to pass on favors to special interest groups and people. The latest big favor comes to the sugar daddy that has funded so many of their campaigns and was an early supporter of Barack Obama: George Soros.
From our friends at Investors Business Daily:

A questionable food safety bill in search of a crisis passed the Senate, but may hit a snag in the House. This power grab of the nation's food supply may end up benefiting a certain Hungarian billionaire. Why would the Senate take up precious time in the lame duck session considering a food safety bill?

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TAKE ACTION: Dream Act: The nightmare that never ends

This week, liberals in the House and Senate are working to repay their political allies during the lame duck session before they lose considerable power. We are told that the Dream Act, which will allow “back door” amnesty for potentially millions of illegal aliens, could come to the House floor for a vote next week. Harry Reid has also filed cloture on the Dream Act in the Senate, so it could come to the Senate floor very soon as well.

We need to get the message through to the liberals once and for all that Americans will not tolerate amnesty for illegal aliens. At a time when economic growth is slow and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, lawmakers need to spend the remainder of the lame duck session addressing the looming Obama tax hikes — not clobbering American taxpayers with even heavier financial burdens!

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Chase Bank Orders Branch to Remove Christmas Tree

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Peeping in the Pew - Catholic's for Equality

In Luke 21, Jesus warns his followers that the day would come when family and friends will betray His true followers. The betrayal would occur because these followers would continue to speak the truth even when it wasn't popular--and despite the unpopularity of the message, it could not successfully be opposed or resisted. As a result, they would be "hated" by even those closest to them because of Christ. I would not necessarily put the George Soros-funded group "Catholics for Equality" in a category of "family" or "friends," but one of their latest efforts, as pointed out by Thomas Peters of, is further evidence of how the Left is losing the public debate over the policy objectives of the homosexual agenda. Catholics for Equality has launched a campaign (soon to be equipped with smart phone apps) that would allow people attending Catholic mass to report--directly from the pews--a priest or bishop who speaks about marriage or family in a way they deem "hateful." There will also be a way, according to Aniello Alioto, the political director for liberal Progress Now, to contribute to the campaign "as the Holy Spirit moves them." For those who've bought into the well-crafted media spin from homosexuals that all that they want is tolerance, this should be a revelation. In truth, nothing--not even the Church--will be tolerated if it doesn't affirm their behavior.

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