Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/12 March in Washington D.C.

Photos from friends who where there!

Conservative Woodstock Post

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Socialist Indoctrination of our Kids

Received this email from a Student!
An Intro to Socialism -1121 Humanities

From: International Socialist Organization []
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 12:55 PM
Subject: Thursday: An Intro to Socialism -1121 Humanities

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SOCIALISM - What It Is and Why We Need It
Thursday, September 10
Two times/locations as part of a national tour, featuring a presentation followed by full audience discussion about socialism -- and its relevance for changing the world today. All are welcome.

12:30 pm * MATC Truax(3550 Anderson St.) in the Student Lounge (Rm. 142C)
7:30 pm * UW CampusRoom 1121 in the Humanities Building (455 N. Park St.)Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization The socialist alternative

The word "socialism" has returned to the mainstream of American political debate. Yet, there are widespread misconceptions about what socialism is--and what it isn't. Republicans fret that the US is fast becoming a "socialist country" -- with government spending on bank bailouts and Barack Obama's proposed health care reform. But the genuine tradition of socialism is "socialism from below," which means something more than state intervention in the economy. Socialism is really about the struggle to oppose discrimination in all its forms and to put the needs of working people before corporate profits. Come to this meeting to discuss the idea of socialism -- and socialist strategies for changing the world.

About the International Socialist Organization
The ISO is a socialist activist organization with branches around the United States. In the tradition of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, we believe capitalism needs to be replaced by workers' power – the democratic control over the entire economy of the people whose work actually runs it. We publish our own newspaper, Socialist Worker, which tells the stories rarely included in the mainstream press -- whether reporting the reality of life amid U.S. bombs in Baghdad and Bagram, or reports from activists all over the world on what we're doing to fight back. We distribute Socialist Worker around the country through a grassroots network of activists and radicals. Here in Madison, we're helping to organize buses to the National Equality March (for LGBT civil rights) in October, fighting against Wisconsin's budget cuts and for real health care that would include everyone, and leading a campaign to defend free speech rights on State Street. Other recent activities include initiating an abortion clinic defense; hosting discussions on capitalism's economic and environmental crises; bringing exonerated death row inmates to campus to tell their stories; organizing a defense campaign for an immigrant student facing deportation; and much more. We proudly co-sponsor the annual Socialism conference: and this fall we'll be organizing a Midwest Socialist Conference in Chicago, on November 14-15. Come to our meetings (Thursdays at 7:30 on the UW campus) or contact us to learn more about our ideas or to get involved in any of our activities. 608.358.6822

Obama Care and America's Entitlement Kids

GLSEN Founder and Obama Education Appointee Kevin Jennings

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..We might as well use hamsters on treadmills

But the ‘Man-made Climate Change’ fanatics are applauded and praised, even as they force us to abandon perfectly sensible electric lights, and instead subject ourselves to strange, flickering substitutes, simultaneously worse and more costly than the ones they replace.
There is worse to come. The same people wish to compel us to rely for our power on windmills, million upon million of them, as if we had never discovered more efficient and reliable ways of generating electricity.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Thousand Schoolgirls Injured From Vaccine

A support group says it has received dozens of calls from parents who believe their daughters have been damaged by the vaccine.
The parents of one teenage girl given the jab last autumn believe it was to blame for repeated seizures which have left her with brain damage and psychosis.
Campaigners and families said the new figures showed the vaccination should not have been introduced via a mass programme.
More than one million girls have already been given the jab, which is offered to all as they enter their teens.
Until 2011 it will also be administered to older girls, so that all female teens below the age of 18 will be covered by the programme.
Ministers say that ultimately the scheme will save 700 lives a year, while drug safety experts insist the number of suspected reactions are outweighed by the benefits from the jab.