Thursday, August 27, 2009

Global Unionization

Scary stuff!

Workers Uniting - the world's first global union - challenging growing exploitation by global capital

Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West

"I believe this is the most important movie of our lifetime, I was born in 1964, I can't tell you of a movie that I think is more important." - Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News

Obsession the Movie

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Mandatory Vaccinations Are Coming!!!

Eugenicists and Socialists are using the swing flu to scare you! More of your rights are being taken away!

Educate Yourself

In April 2009, Governor Doyle declared a Public Health Emergency based on this information. Doyle's health emergency put in place statutory language that was passed in a special session budget bill signed into law July 26, 2002, which can have far reaching consequences. Click on LANGUAGE to read about the state powers in a declared Public Health Emergency.

252.041 Compulsory vaccination during a state of emergency. (1) Except as provided in sub. (2), during the period under which the department is designated as the lead state agency, as specified in s. 250.042 (2), the department, as the public health authority, may do all of the following as necessary to address a public health emergency:

(a) Order any individual to receive a vaccination unless the vaccination is reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the individual or unless the individual, for reasons of religion or conscience, refuses to obtain the vaccination.

(b) Isolate or quarantine, under
s. 252.06, any individual who is unable or unwilling for reasons specified under sub. (1) to receive vaccination under par. (a). (2) The department shall promulgate rules that specify circumstances, if any, under which vaccination may not be performed on an individual.

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