Friday, June 25, 2010

Milwaukee County Board Delays Vote on Arizona Boycott

Arizona doesn't border Mexico? Watch Video

Peggy graduated from MATC

Your Action Is Needed!

From the NFRW:

Kagan hearings will begin next Monday, June 28th. The White House released a 202 page questionnaire filled out by Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on Wednesday. You can read it here. The release of new documents gives new insights into some of Elena Kagan's social stances. Read more here.

10 Reasons to Contact Your Senator About the Kagan Hearings

1. Elena Kagan brings no judicial experience to the table.

2. The Supreme Court will likely hear arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare in the next few years. Elena Kagan could be the deciding vote on Obamacare.

3. Elena Kagan is a political ideologue-she has worked for a string of liberal Democrats including: Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

4. As Dean of Harvard's Law School, Elena Kagan banned US military recruiters from the campus. She lost her battle when the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the law in 2006.

5. Elena Kagan's stand on several social issues could demonstrate that she would impose personal views in her rulings instead of adhering to the law. We need justices who will strictly interpret the constitution.

6. Elena Kagan has praised Israeli activist Judge Aharon Barak as "her hero." Judge Barak is considered to be one of the worst activist judges. In his book, The Judge in a Democracy, Barak writes, "a good judge is a judge who, within the bounds of legitimate possibilities, makes law that, more than other law he is authorized to make, best bridges the gap between law and society and best protects the constitution and its values. He also says that judges should go "beyond actually deciding the dispute."

7. Elena Kagan is a Litigation Committee member of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). The AAUP is censoring a long list of conservative schools.

8. Elena Kagan has a troubling record on the Second Amendment.

9. There are surprisingly few pieces of documentation representing Kagan's beliefs and where she stands on the issues.

10. Elena Kagan has donated over $12,050 to Democratic campaigns over a span of 8 years.
Contact your Senator TODAY to tell them to conduct a thorough and thoughtful review of Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan!

Eagle Forum Family Research Council


It seems like it would be against the law for the Administration to order a de facto amnesty for millions of illegal aliens while totally bypassing Congress. But 8 U.S. Senators believe that is what Obama officials are considering right now because most Members of Congress are scared to death to have to VOTE on an amnesty just a few months before elections.

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Contact Congress and Tell Them to Oppose the "American Power Act" aka Cap and Trade

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Tell Congress to Stop the FCC Internet Takeover

President Obama's Federal Communications Commission seems intent on regulating the Internet no matter what. Last Fall, it was about "net neutrality" regulation – a nice sounding idea that in practice would undermine investment, disrupt the functioning of networks, and empower the FCC to be traffic cops for the Internet.

A couple of months ago the FCC was smacked down in court by the DC Circuit, which found that the commission's claim that it had authority to regulate the Internet was not based in law. Did they back down? Did they ask Congress to give them the authority they wanted the legitimate way, by passing a law? Of course not. Instead they escalated their regulatory onslaught, proposing to reclassify Internet access as a public utility and put it under the framework designed in the 1930s for the old-fashioned phone network. Wall Street analysts called this "the nuclear option" because of the devastating effect it would have on investment.

Last Thursday, on a 3-2 party-line vote, the FCC opened a Notice of Inquiry on reclassifying the Internet as a regulated public utility. I'll ask you to put comments in that docket soon, but right now it's critical that we focus on Congress. We must get Congress to step in and STOP the FCC's Internet takeover now, because the FCC has launched secret meetings this week to strong-arm and coerce Internet companies into accepting net neutrality regulations or face even more devastating reclassification into a public utility!

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House passes DISCLOSE Act, fight moves to Senate

Read what happened with the bill that attacks our first amendment rights!

Sign the Petition!

We, the undersigned, citizens of Wisconsin are offended by the recent actions of the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board in adopting a resolution calling for a boycott of the State of Arizona because of newly-adopted legislation to curb their growing problem with illegal immigration.

U.S. Labor Secretary Condoning Illegal Immigration

After watching the video please contact the Labor Secretary and express your outrage over her Public Service Announcement embracing illegal aleins.

With Liberty and Prophylactics for All!

A tiny town on Cape Cod has taken one thing off its back-to-school list: parental involvement. To the astonishment of most every media outlet in America, the Provincetown school board voted unanimously to pass out condoms to all students--starting with first graders. Under Massachusetts law, individual school districts are allowed to make their own policies about sex education. But in the first grade? Six-year-olds are usually worried about catching cooties--not Chlamydia!

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