Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a GREAT Day for Wisconsin!

Can't Buy Me Gov

Most Americans are enjoying a few week break from all the political ranker. Not Wisconsin. After a brutal eight months, big government special interest groups are dragging voters back to the polls to see if they've changed their minds since last November. They haven't. Of the six recalls on Tuesday, Democrats won only two--just shy of what they needed to take back the Senate.

For Wisconsin liberals, who expected to knock out at least three Republicans, it was a tough vote to swallow. Leading up to yesterday's recall, Democrats had thrown everything they had at the six swing districts, knocking on some 200,000 doors and outspending Republicans by a two-to-one margin. Local officials say that more than $25 million have been pumped into the races from other states--but even that seemed to have little bearing on the outcome. Apparently, outside money couldn't buy inside influence. "Voters gave us a mandate last fall... They back us up again [Tuesday]," the GOP's John Hogan said, "Voters told us loud and clear, 'Stay the course. Things are working.'" ....

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