Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No More Clean Dishes or Cloths for Wisconsinites

Tomorrow (Thursday) the Assembly will vote on Assembly Bill 281 - Relating to: the restriction on the amount of phosphorus in certain cleaning agents (dishwasher soap and laundry soap).

Recently, it has been cool to ban/limit phosphorus in the name of “being green” but what are the ramifications??? With this particular bill, you will have a hard time cleaning your dishes and cloths. In other states where bans have passed, people cross the boarder and buy cleaning detergents/agents in other states!!!! READ MORE BELOW. What’s funny is the language in AB281 exempts cleaning agents for medical equipment. So isn’t that admitting that banning/limiting phosphorus is not beneficial? Plus, aren’t we going to waste more water, electricity, soap, etc. trying to get our dishes and cloths clean?

Contact your Assembly Rep and tell them to stop taking away our freedoms and our choices! While you are at it contact your Senator and tell them the same! If AB 281 passes it is going to be taken up in the Senate.

Read more below about how insane this is.......

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