Saturday, February 12, 2011

Supermarket Surprise: Smaller Servings, Same Price

Out of toilet paper so soon? Who the heck ate all of the Haagen Dazs? Why is this grilled cheese sandwich less cheesy than before? Complaints like these household staples getting used up faster; food not lasting as long -- are becoming more common.

No, members of your household aren't being wasteful or taking extra helpings of dessert. Those boxes of pasta, rolls of paper towels, jars of pesto and packages of hot dogs really are getting smaller. But manufacturers hope that you haven't noticed.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Terror Expert: Time for a Shariah Wake-up Call

The Muslim cleric who warned Sean Hannity that radical Islam is at America’s backdoor personifies the threat to the West, and it is time to issue a wakeup call — particularly in the United States — that the menace is real, a terrorism expert said Thursday on Fox News. Commenting on Hannity’s fiery exchange with Sheik Anjem Choudary (pictured) on Wednesday, Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! For America also said the cleric was a perfect example of a Western-born Muslim falling under a fanatical spell.

In addition, Gabriel noted the spread of Islamic radicalism, and the sheik’s threat the world eventually will succumb to Shariah, is fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood, as part of a master plan.

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Frances Fox Piven and the “Orchestrated Crisis” Strategy

Born in Alberta, Canada in 1932, Frances Fox Piven earned a Ph.D. in social science from the University of Chicago in l962. Today she is a professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where she has taught since 1982. She was formerly a professor at Columbia University.

Piven and her late husband, Columbia social-work professor Richard Cloward, are best known for having outlined, in 1966, the so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy – a tactic which seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading government bureaucracies with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into "a profound financial and political crisis" that would unleash "powerful forces … for major economic reform at the national level."

In 1966 Piven was a panel member at a Socialist Scholars Conference in New York. There, she and her husband presented a paper proposing that the poor should engage in "irregular and disruptive tactics" designed to overburden city and state governments with demands for welfare money – the ultimate objective being to force those governments to turn to the federal government for assistance. Such “disruption of the system,” said Piven, would result in a situation where:

“Welfare rolls will begin to go up; welfare payments will begin to go up – the impact will be very, very sharp. The mounting welfare budget will increase taxes, force cities to turn to the federal government. We have to help people to make claims; for this they will organize and act."

Beginning in 1967, Piven served as an advisor to the newly formed National Welfare Rights Organization.

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A Sight for Soros Eyes AND AOL Goes Liberal

Even teen hookers need abortions. It's not exactly bumper sticker material, but so far that's the best the Left has to offer in defense of Planned Parenthood. After a clinic worker was caught on tape helping a child prostitution ring "look as legit as possible," the nation's biggest abortion factory has become almost hysterical with panic. In the days since Lila Rose's explosive new video, Planned Parenthood has elevated its threat level and enlisted as many allies as possible to vouch for the organization (which has now been implicated in 12 Live Action videos).

On a strategy call organized by billionaire liberal George Soros, Planned Parenthood asked its allies to try and deflect some of the negative attention away from the abortion industry by ramping up their attacks of Lila Rose. Now that Planned Parenthood is vulnerable, liberals are circling the wagons, understanding that any more slip-ups could mean the end of their federal gravy train. This week, 27 liberal groups came out swinging in the press--led by Soros's Media Matters, which quickly organized a letter of support for Planned Parenthood's new outreach to pimps. "Right-wing groups are once again attempting to destroy an organization dedicated to providing crucial primary care services to Americans that need them most..."

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