Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assembly to Vote on Global Warming Bill

Rep. Black said he expects committee action in the Assembly and Senate this week and is still holding to his prediction that [Gov Doyle's Global Warming Bills AB649/SB450] will pass by the last day of the legislative session, April 22, which is Earth Day.

1. Contact the Democrats on the both the
Assembly and Senate Committees - tell them Wisconsinites DON'T want these bills (AB649/SB450) in ANY form!
Representative Spencer Black (Co-Chair)
Representative James Soletski (Co-Chair)
Representative John Steinbrink
Representative Josh Zepnick
Representative Joe Parisi
Representative Ann Hraychuck
Representative Cory Mason

Senator Mark Miller (Co-Chair)
Senator Jeffrey Plale (Co-Chair)
Senator Robert Wirch
Senator David Hansen
Senator Robert Jauch

2. Contact the Democrat leadership in both houses and let them know Wisconsinites DON'T want any version of Governor Doyle's global warming bills (AB649/SB450).
Senate and Assembly

3. For more information see the WMC briefing center and the WI Industrial Energy Group.

4. Tell every Wisconsinite!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Studies 2010

Group Work = Group Think - by Mary Grabar
To demonstrate one way social studies is “done” in Georgia a class of eleventh-graders was marched on stage and divided into little groups. The song “Home on the Range” was played for them and they were asked to answer questions about the “feelings” this song evoked in them, and then in various victims and victimizers associated with the settling of the American West—miners and mine owners, blacks and whites, Native Americans and whites. The young scholars then proceeded to collaborate, and believing themselves “critical thinkers,” came up with the correct answers! Of course, the bright, young geniuses knew that Native Americans would feel “sad” or “angry.”