Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oppose President's Proposals to Sexualize the Military, Socialize Child Care and Penalize Married Couples

"Tonight the President also proposed expanding the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit which would only benefit families if: both parents work, a single parent works, or one parent works and the other is in school. In other words, it completely discriminates against families with stay-at-home parents, who wouldn't see a penny from this plan. The President's plan further drives a wedge between parents and children as it would encourage parents to place their children in government approved day-care rather than encouraging one parent to stay home and personally care for their off-spring.

"This new socialized child care proposal comes on the heels of a proposed major marriage tax penalty included within the President's health care bills. A tax penalty on married couples only serves to discourage couples from marrying while encouraging societal instability through cohabitation and divorce.

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Contact Your WI State Senator Immediately!

Today the Senate Education Committee passed AB458 - Planned Parenthood's "Unhealthy Youth Act" on a party-line vote (Democrats voting for PP and Republicans voting for families).
The Democrats are rushing through AB458! The Senate is scheduled to vote on the bill tomorrow - Call your WI State Senator right away and ask them to vote AGAINST AB458.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Horrible Bill that Needs to Be Stopped! “Expedited Partner Therapy”

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-WI taxpayers may end up footing the bill for this through BadgerCare and Family Planning Waiver.

-Doesn't this just "line the pockets of the Pharmaceutical companies?"

-I thought society was "over medicated" already and that's why we have these "super bugs?"

-No one will be liable for injuries or death?

Contact your WI State Senators and Representatives right away and tell them to oppose AB-653 and SB-460! Check out the Public Hearing Notice and contact members of the Senate Health Committee to submit your testimony.

Read - When it comes to sex, rules don’t matter (apparently)

Tim Tebow to appear in Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad

Focus on the Family plans to broadcast the first Super Bowl ad in the ministries history on February 7th during CBS Sports’ coverage of the game at Dolphin Stadium in Florida.
The ad will feature Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam Tebow. Although the particulars of the ad have not been shared, the focus of the message will include a personal story with the theme “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.” Rumors surrounding the message of a possible ad had been circulating for weeks, with speculation for the ad being Pam Tebow’s decision to carry Tim to full term despite a crisis pregnancy while she and her husband were serving as Christian missionaries in the Philippines.

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Of course the very "tolerant" radical left won't allow free speech for anyone but themselves.


Tebow is a phenomenal young man! It is nice to see an athlete we can really believe in.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Urgent Action Needed: Senate Committee to Vote on Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Bill

I am saddened to inform you that the Senate Education Committee in Madison is scheduled to vote on Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education Bill – Senate Bill 324/Assembly Bill 458, this Wednesday, January 27th at 9:30 AM. The driving force behind the bill is America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, which operates 3 of the 4 largest abortion clinics in Wisconsin. For an indication of how Planned Parenthood intends to discuss sex with our children and their expectations for young people, please see their website.

Currently, Planned Parenthood is paid by the state of Wisconsin taxpayers to give free contraceptives to all adolescents above the age of 14 (However, they do not turn away younger boys and girls). SB 324/AB 458 is the most significant change to Wisconsin sex education that we’ve had in a generation and the bills clearly promote that young people are expected to be sexually active. These bills do this in the following way:

1. Currently, school districts can teach abstinence-centered instruction. While SB 324/AB 458 discusses abstinence, it will bar abstinence only instruction. This bill will not let school districts teach abstinence without teaching condom and contraceptive use. (SB 324 page 3, lines 14-17)

2. Current law dictates that local school districts have committees, which include members of clergy, to decide what is included in their school district’s sex ed curriculum. This bill will require the curriculum be recommended by national liberal groups including the American Public Health Association, which has taken the extreme position of being in favor of partial birth abortion.

3. SB 324/AB 458 requires sex ed instruction to not have a bias regarding sexual orientation/homosexuality or having sex before marriage. Therefore, any instruction that says homosexuality or sex before marriage is considered morally wrong would not be allowed under SB 324/AB 458. Proponents of the bill have indicated this curriculum is appropriate for 6th and 7th graders. (SB 324 page 3, lines 23-25)

4. Although parents are able to opt their children out, the instruction will influence the next generation of Wisconsin students' morality and lower the expectations for early sexual activity.

For the current law on sex ed, see the following link: Wisconsin Law 118.019

Your Urgent Action is Requested

1. Contact the Senate Education Committee members and ask them to oppose AB 458/SB 324.

2. Contact your state senator and ask him/her to vote “no” on Senate Bill 324 and AB 458.

3. Forward the information in this email to as many of your family and friends as possible and personally request their help in defeating these morally devastating bills.

4. If possible meet with your state senator in person and ask them to stand with life and oppose these Planned Parenthood bills. - This is especially important for people who live in the Democrat districts of the Wisconsin Senate Education Committee members - Green Bay area, Racine area, Madison/Fitchburg/Verona/Waunakee area, and Hayward/Superior/Rice Lake and Cable area.

5. Pray that this bill is stopped from becoming law in Wisconsin.