Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lou Dobbs Reports on Amnesty Bill

Super Deal for Illegal Aliens!
1. Legal status 24 hours after applications without compete background check.
2. Taxpayer funded lawyers for illegals.
3. “Temporary Visas” are permanent.
4. Amnesty for Gang members.
5. American Taxpayers will pay for Mexicans to stay in Mexico by providing Health care and education.
6. Illegal Aliens will not have to pay back taxes and will be eligible for the earned income tax credit.
7. “Security and Prosperity Partnership” aka the North American Union (Good Bye USA) will be fast tracked.
8. Border security not mentioned.
9. Instate tuition for Illegals.
10. Illegals get to cut inline in front of people who have legally been waiting in-line in their own countries for years.
11. Amnesty for Illegals who have already been deported!!!!
12. Learning English is Not Required.