Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Action is Needed

The Joint Finance Committee is currently touring WI holding public hearings on the proposed BUDGET (not the repair bill). Hundreds of people are showing up to oppose Walker's budget proposal, testifiying that no programs should be cut, that taxes should be raised, etc. We NEED citizens to go on public record IN SUPPORT of Gov. Scott Walker and his attempt to close the $3 BILLION+ budget hole that we have in our WI state budget. These hearing go on all day so even if you can't (don't want to) sit there all day, come after work and fill out a hearing slip. You don't even have to testify you can just register IN FAVOR. You can also write out testimony, bring copies and hand it to the committee members. Be sure to also give a copy to your state Legislators. Now is your chance to support the Republicans, let them know that you are the silent majority and you want the budget fixed without raising taxes!!! Remember the left NEVER sleeps and they will continue to bully the Legislature and Gov. Walker. Please stand with them NOW!
Dear Wisconsin Taxpayers, I am writing to let you know that important State Budget hearings are taking place in various locations throughout Wisconsin. (Details below.) Members of the public are welcome to attend these hearings to learn more about how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. This is an important opportunity for taxpayers to share their views about Wisconsin's ever expanding government, excessive spending, and overreaching bureaucracy with the members of the Joint Finance Committee. Based on past committee records, big government groups, liberal community organizers, etc., turn out en masse for these hearings. During yesterday's hearing in Stevens Point, Senator Grothman told reporters, "The spenders always show up at these things. That's why finance usually does a bad job." Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, said there's a lack of balance in the testimony the committee members are getting. Full Article If Wisconsin's taxpayers are tired of Madison Progressive elites setting public policies and controlling the statewide discussion, Now is the time for the folks paying the bills in our state to stand up and speak up. Should taxpayers fail to make their views known, they will continue paying up for a lot of frivolous state spending. Even if you do not have time to wait and speak at the hearings, at the very least, taxpayers can attend the hearings and fill out hearing slips expressing their support or opposition for the new State Budget that is striving to get Wisconsin back on sound financial footing and stop the deficit spending. We realize many of you have to work, however, many of these hearings will last long after the scheduled cut-off time, so feel free to stop in during your lunch hour or after work. If you have written testimony to enter into the public record, be sure to bring along 16 copies for each committee member. Helpful Taxpayer Resources: Wisconsin State Budget: Assembly Bill 40 The Budget in Brief is available here Senate Members of the Joint Finance Committee Assembly Members of the Joint Finance Committee Full Hearing Schedule