Monday, October 5, 2009

*ALERT* Public Hearing – Assembly Education Committee

Tuesday, October 6 - Room 417 North - 9 a.m.
on Planned Parenthood’s Big $$$$ Sex Ed Bill – AB458

Your Action is NEEDED!
1. Come to the public hearing and testify or register against the bill.
2. If you can’t make it submit written testimony to the Assembly Education Committee Members: Contact Info Ask that it be included in the committee record.
3. Contact your Representatives and Senators IMMEDIATELY!

Do you want Planned Parenthood-style Sex Ed taught in Wisconsin ’s schools with your tax dollars? Not familiar with Planned Parenthood’s message to teens? Check out PP’s Website for Kids. *CAUTION*

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin currently receives $11+ MILLION of YOUR tax dollars each year.

CURRENT Tax Dollars for Planned Parenthood
Title V - $744,617 plus contracts with counties
Tile X: $3.5 Million
Title XIX:
-BadgerCare $1.4 Million
-Family Planning Waiver $5.5 Million
Total PP Tax Dollars: $11.1 Million

Official Public Hearing Notice for ASSEMBLY BILL 458 – Planned Parenthood’s School-Based Sex Ed/Clinics Bill

AB 458 essentially constitutes a tax-payer funded bailout of Wisconsin ’s abortion industry, of which Planned Parenthood controls 75% of the abortion facilities.

Key Concerns With Planned Parenthood’s School-Based Sex Ed/Clinics Bill:
1. AB 458 will promote homosexuality to captive teen audiences.
2. AB 458 will place a stamp of approval on teen promiscuity and place abstinence supporters in a less than favorable position in the classroom.
3. This bill allowsPlanned Parenthood to define key terms such as “Medically Accurate information,” “violent relationships,” and “age appropriate” in our state statutes is a very dangerous practice – for teens and taxpayers. - Are parents who instruct their children against being sexually active creating a “violent relationship” under our politically correct legal and social services system?
4. AB 458 undermines local control. - Parents and locally-elected school board members know how best to serve the needs of their community without Planned Parenthood’s influence.
5. AB 458 also puts sex health volunteers under the volunteer health provider category, which exempts them from liability.
6. Parents will only be given limited access to instructional materials under AB 458. - Parents should never sit back and allow their authority to be undermined by groups like Planned Parenthood.
7. Specially note the section mandating the Department of Public Instruction to apply for federal birth control money. Is this the prelude to establishing taxpayer-funded sex clinics in Wisconsin ’s schools?
8. Planned Parenthood is fully supporting this bill that would apply to Kindergarten through 12th Grade.
9. The two main authors of the bill were endorsed by Planned Parenthood.
10. The more sexually active youth there are in this state, means increased revenue for groups like PP.
11. Why are we promoting illegal activity with taxpayer dollars???? - Wis. Statute 948.02(2) states that it is a Class C Felony for anyone to have sexual contact or engage in sexual intercourse with a person less than 16 years of age. The penalty for this offense is “a fine of up to $100,000 or imprisonment up to 40 years or both.” and Teens can be placed on Wisconsin ’s Sex Offender Registry. 17 year olds are charged as adults for most crimes in Wisconsin .
12. With only 17-20% of all medical doctors in the entire US maintaining membership in the American Medical Association because of the recent hijacking of the organization by the Radical Left, the AMA can now hardly be considered a mainline medical organization. (If you are aware of the AMA’s recent Opinion 385 attacking the conscience rights of pro-life medical personnel, please research this immediately.)


1. Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts (Chair) – Co-Sponsor of the Bill, Planned Parenthood Endorsed Candidate*
2. Representative Kristen Dexter (Vice-Chair)
3. Representative Steve Hilgenberg – Planned Parenthood-Endorsed Candidate*
4. Representative Christine Sinicki – Co-Sponsor of the Bill, Planned Parenthood Endorsed Candidate*
5. Representative Kim Hixson
6. Representative Jeff Smith – Planned Parenthood Endorsed Candidate*
7. Representative Peggy Krusick
8. Representative Mark Radcliff
9. Representative Brett Davis
10. Representative Steve Nass
11. Representative John Townsend
12. Representative Leah Vukmir
13. Representative John Nygren




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