Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Health Care Reform II: Revenge of the Taxpayer

January 12 may be National Marzipan Day, but if House Republicans have a say, it'll be remembered for a whole lot more. Yesterday, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) made the announcement that most Americans have been waiting for: a vote to repeal the oppressive, expensive, abortion-funding health care law will take place sooner rather than later. Next Wednesday, to be exact. Our sources tell us that floor debate on repealing ObamaCare will begin on Friday, with a final vote scheduled for January 12. In the 296 days since the bill was signed, the country's outrage over the policy hasn't dampened. If anything, Americans are opposed to the law now more than ever. Although Democrats are criticizing the move as "symbolic," Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) told Fox News her job is to listen to voters. "They want it repealed, so whether or not the vote will be symbolic will depend on what the Senate and our President does. It's entirely meaningful within the context of what the House is doing. That's what we were elected to do."

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U.S. House: Under New Management

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Facing the Facts in 2011: America's Culture War and How to Fight It

As America enters the year of 2011, new government officials are taking their seats all over the nations, at all levels of government. If our nation is to survive and thrive (neither of which has been happening in recent years), we must all face certain fundamental facts and act accordingly. In this "Briefing" we take an overview of key facts, which we will examine in more detail in later "Briefings." Three such facts are:

1. America is, and has for decades been, engulfed in the flames of a Culture War;

2. The Constitution has long been a white-hot center of this War and we therefore must Revive the Constitution!;

3. The Courts continue to be the major "weapon of choice" of the forces fighting against the Constitution and the culture in the Culture War.

As a part of their anti-Constitution, anti-America campaign, some of these enemies try to deny that there even is such a thing as a "Culture War." But Judge and jurist Robert Bork decisively eliminates this argument: "Despite the denials by some that any such conflict exists, the culture war is an obtrusive fact." As Roger Kimball observed in 2000, "[a war within a culture] results first of all in a metamorphosis in values and the other conduct of life." And, continues Bork, "Courts inevitably assume the role of moral teachers."

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Happy New Year!

A New Day is Dawning in Wisconsin:

Pictures from Inauguration!